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Interior View
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Cleanliness and freshness is very important for us and create that pleasant atmosphere for our customers and feel at home. We are very strict in cleaning. We take care of all the details in the interior decoration, remembering a bit the old restaurants of the Veracruz coast.

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These are some typical
dishes of Veracruz

The eatery offers appetizers or starters such as the traditional chips and salsa, guacamole, tableside mahi mahi ceviche, green chile stew or potato cream soup with poblanos. Different types of quesadillas, ensaladas and street tacos offer an array of meats, vegetables and spices. Tacos dorados differ from others because of their crispiness.

Tacos dorados differ from others because of their crispiness. Three different types of flautas each offer a main tasty ingredient – black bean, shredded chicken or shredded leg of lamb. Rellenos also showcase three different special foods – shrimp, black bean with plantain or blue crab. If one doesn’t wish to eat these delectable Mexican foods, then burgers and fries remain available. In addition, special extras include Taos-style enchiladas, burritos and tacos.